Ratchet Bun and Pink Lipstick


Ever wake up with a heavy heart saying… no… (inwardly) SHOUTING… to the world ENOUGH ALREADY!?!?

One of those mornings when calling/texting/reaching out to anyone, anywhere, seems pointless because you know they know… but, still, they

Just. Don’t. Know.

No one does.

So instead of laying in bed thinking about the million different ways you could’ve done things better, if not completely right, you roll out of bed, shed a tear or two under a scalding, hot shower till your skin begs you to move, put a decent pair of jeans on (because you know if you put the sweats on, you’ll end up back in bed), tie your hair up in the most ratchet hair bun and FORCE YOURSELF TO WEAR THE PINK LIPSTICK…

because, dammit, today you’re gonna pretend to feel pretty no matter how ugly you feel inside.

Ever had one of those kinda mornings??? I feel ya, sister. And to you I say: know you are loved, thought of, prayed for and needed just as you are. So give that version of the world, the one that’s trying to convince you that the ugly stuff is all you’ll ever be, the finger.

Not sure it’ll be your finest WWJD moment but it does help… oh and don’t forget the pink lipstick!

#ratchetbun #paleskin #pinklipstick #thinkingprettythoughts




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